Inside Asia, Inc. is located in Sausalito on quaint Caledonia Street, a short half block off of Bridgeway. If you are new to our community, we offer a "Location Map" to aid you in accessing our location.

We are known for our emphasis on restoration which is always hand crafted and attempts to set the highest standard in the area of Asian Antiques.

We personally oversee work on each piece in order to insure the highest quality, stressing preservation of the original look as close as possible, while assuring the pieces are clean, functional, and finished as beautifully as possible.

Due to the Cultural Revolution in China, (which also affected Tibet & Mongolia) documentation authenticating sculpture and furniture is not possible in most cases.

After 8 years of extensive viewing, collecting and restoring pieces, we are able to assess approximate age and origin of our antiques with confidence and integrity.  Most of many pieces that have flowed through our business originated from the Ming and Ching Dynasties.

Our integrity and high standards also apply to our acquisitions from Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

We are also known for our unique selection of high quality, one of a kind accessories; Including sculpture, artwork, textiles, jewelry, and clothing.

We are proud to announce that we were featured in the December 2009 issue of "Marin Extraordinary Living Magazine" the orange photo is the graphic reference to our presence within this prestigious magazine.

We suggest you get this magazine to view the many creative sources and information pertaining to Marin County.